Why you aren’t getting results and how to make a change – Part 2: Be Crazy, Be Obsessed!

In part 1 of why you aren’t achieving your goals I talked about building a habit or routine that would set you up to automatically trigger positive actions that lead to your goal, to place an idea in your head.

As you build this idea in your head more and more clearly, you will undoubtedly start to desire it. Again this could be positive or negative. Whether you spend your days dreaming of boozing on the weekend or losing 5kg of body fat, you will be drawn to it.

What started as an idea quickly becomes a desire, and if you spend long enough thinking about it your desire becomes obsession – something you wake up thinking about, it occupies your mind all day long or at least several times throughout that day. Everything you do is weighed up as either brining you closer to having it or pushing it further away. It even keeps you awake some nights.

The best thing about reaching this state of obsession is that you have almost no choice but to take action. The same way young lovers yearn for each other, a fat kid wants cake, and even the way a psychopath can’t resist the urge to kill!

Unfortunately we as humans are weak and lazy, we want what’s easy and readily available. How many times have you found yourself compromising because what you want to hard to get or something else is right in front of you? Like when you picked up fast food last night instead of waiting to get home to cook a proper meal. Or when you gave up on your weight loss goal because you knew it would require working out HARD and eating way better foods than you already do.

So we obsess over simple things that are easy to achieve or obtain. And then we mask it as being ‘realistic’ or ‘good enough’. But think about this for a moment; you could be the crazy old cat lady, the workaholic, or the obsessive fitness freak; either way, ‘NORMAL’ people are going to judge you because your obsession has driven you to do more than they could ever get themselves to do.

If your friends and family don’t think you’re crazy, you’re not trying hard enough.

So I say fuck ‘em! Be crazy, be obsessed!

You know how you can tell I’m obsessed about exercise. Look at my Youtube homepage, look at the photos I’m tagged in on Facebook… CrossFit, Weightlifting, exercise in general. Because that’s my life. Some might say it’s not normal, but who are they to say what is normal to me!

I love working with these kinds of people. It has it’s downsides like when they won’t stop training even when they have chronic injuries or when they see red during a workout and will stop at nothing to get a personal best. But that’s what also puts them above everyone else. Everyone could use a little bit of crazy.

There are communities of people who believe in aliens, others who think they are vampires and drink blood, and even super crazy obsessive people who support the war on terror! So is it really all that insane to care about your appearance, to want to live a longer healthier life, to not eat junk food, or to exercise every day?