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3 Fat Loss Tips That Cost Nothing… and none involve exercise!

I’m constantly being asked questions about fat loss like “what do you do…” “what can I do…” “what’s the best way…” and so on. It has become rather difficult to wade through the bullshit and get the simple facts. I’ve even written an article already on the basic principles that should be used with any diet. But you need action to make a change, so here’s 3 things you can do to lose body fat that won’t cost a cent!


1. Stop drinking calories, drink ice cold water instead

The problem: Soda (fizzy drinks), iced mocha lattes, fruit juices, etc.

They aren’t doing your weight loss goals any good. All you’re doing is consuming calories that are quick to digest and often end up accumulating right around your waistline.

The solution: Drink water

But you can take it a step further and make it cooler than cool (ice cold). Tip #3 will clarify this but the idea here is to lower body temperature. This requires your body to burn calories to maintain a normal core temperature. Not to mention the general benefits of drinking more water!

photo food

2. Ditch the food diary, Take photos of your food

The problem: The diary paints an incomplete picture

While having a food diary has been touted as a super effective tool for diet adherence and success there are downfalls. One major problem is that people often record their meals AFTER they eat them, too late to make any changes. My biggest issue with these diaries is the time required to keep good records, I have never succeeded in keeping a food diary longer than one week, even using special apps on my smart phone.

The solution: Take photos of your meals

Consider is this: How does it make you feel seeing that you consumed 56g of Sugar and 30g of Fat totalling over 500 calories in one meal? So what, right? Compare that to seeing a photo of that Dairy Milk chocolate bar that you ‘couldn’t resist’. Hard to ignore that one! Studies have shown that people who record their food choices lose 3x more weight than those that don’t. Now that every smartphone has a high quality camera and plenty of storage there’s really no excuse not to keep a photo diary.


3. Chill out dude!

And you don’t have to do what this guy is doing. This is a bit of a geeky ‘bio-hack’ to get your body to burn fat through out the day. It’s this crazy thing called cold thermogenesis, a fancy way of saying making yourself cold so your body has to heat itself back up. The secret ingredient here is Brown Fat, which differs from the usual White Fat we love to hate.

Recent studies have shown it to act similar to muscle and actually burn calories. In fact 50 grams, if maximally stimulated, could burn off 300 to 500 calories a day – enough to lose up to a half a kilogram in a week.

One study found people who sleep in colder bedrooms at night have more active brown fat. You can apply this to the entire day – opting to wear less layers and brave the elements and not pumping up the heater while you sit at your desk all day. This tip might actually save you money!


Now that you have 3 actions I want you to make it your mission over the next two weeks to implement all of them. They cost nothing and it’s only two weeks. Who knows, it might just work! Make it a little experiment and let me know what how you go by commenting below.


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