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Athlete Spotlight: Amy Spence


This week’s athlete spotlight is on Amy Spence, who just competed over the weekend at the New Zealand Nationals in the Intermediate division coming 12th overall! She came to Instinct Fitness after starting her CrossFit journey at another box and has been making great progress.

Name: Amy Spence
Age: 26
Occupation: Head Trainer @ F45 Petone
Nicknames: Ames, Spence
How long have you been at Instinct Fitness: 4 months
What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit: spending time with my family, being outdoors, going to the beach in the summer
What is your favourite and least favourite movement in CrossFit? My favourite movements in Crossfit would be bar muscle ups and power cleans and my least favourite would be rowing and thrusters
What is your biggest achievement so far? My biggest achievement in Crossfit so far would be making the decision to join instinct comp training and building up the courage to train alongside some crazy beast mode athletes, doing this has really pushed me out of my comfort zone but I’m totally loving it!
What are your future goals? Future goals would have to be making another big jump in placings for next years open and taking part in more competitions during the year.
Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? Put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to try things, you might surprise yourself 🙂
Tell us something we don’t know about you: Before I started Crossfit I played volleyball for a Wellington rep team, and I was also a gymnast for 10 years.


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