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Athlete Spotlight: Simon and Holly


This week is the athlete spotlight couples edition… Today we get to know the couple that literally walks out their front door and into the gym, yet they are still late every morning! We love these two because they show us it IS possible to workout with your significant other and not want to kill each other.

Names: Holly Greenwell & Simon Mills
Ages: 27 & 26
Occupations: Portfolio Manager at LINZ & Solicitor at MBIE
Nicknames: Holz & Si
How long have you been at Instinct Fitness: One year and a month
What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit, individually or together: Together we watch a lot of movies. We enjoy eating and drinking out, visiting our families in the Waikato. We dabble in outdoor activities completing the Blenheim Half in May & dragonboating for a team in March.  Holly also loves drinking coffee while Simon hates the taste and prefers catching Pokemon.
What is your favourite and least favourite movement in CrossFit? Holly’s fav is anything with a Kettlebell, least is handstands!!! Simon’s fav is Pull Ups, least is Thrusters.
What are each of your biggest achievements so far? Getting engaged in May and purchasing our first apartment on Victoria Street due to be built in Nov 2017. Exercise wise it would be completing the Blenheim Half Marathon together.
What are your future goals? Getting fit and healthy for our Wedding in June, completing another Half and doing the Taupo round the lake relay in February.
Any advice for anyone just starting their CrossFit journey? Be positive and give everything a go, there is nothing wrong with scaling a workout.
Tell us something we don’t know about each of you?  Holly teaches homemade craft card classes each month in our lounge and Simon’s heart is on the right side of his body.  We also met at a Crossfit Christmas party in Hamilton in 2012.

Below: Pokemon Master – Simon (totally photoshopped).


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