Avoiding Paralysis by Analysis


Translation/Excuse: “I don’t have the knowledge, resources, expertise, coaching, etc. yet, therefore I must continue to research the BEST method for me.”

This is especially for all you A-type personalities, the analytical thinkers, the know-it-alls. Before you start a new program you must research 3-5 other programs to compare and contrast. Which yields greater results? What can you expect after two weeks/two months/two years? What other programs might complement this regime? And on and on.

I know exactly what it’s like because this is often my own thought process. I want to know everything before I dive in and most of all I want to know why I’d do ‘This’ versus ‘That’. The problem is that if you continue down this path you’re bound to run into what is commonly referred to as ‘Paralysis by Analysis’ – the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.

What makes it even worse is that within exercise science almost nothing it 100% scientifically proven and even the most effective training program or exercise may not work for you!

The strongest guy in the gym is not always the smartest, they’ve just figured out what works for them. As CrossFit says: “The science is in the movement, the art is in the programming”. Our bodies are the masterpieces that we create through our training. Good luck getting someone to listen to how much you know about training if you lack the tangible evidence (aka Arnold’s biceps and Peter Andre’s abs).

The solution: Take Action!

The old cliche of a journey starting with a single step couldn’t be more true. Trial and error is often the only way forward and imperfect action is better than perfect inaction. Jump at the opportunity to try something new THEN use your analytical skills to determine what progress you make over the following weeks.

Think of yourself as a mini-experiment where n=1, you could go through 30 different exercises but it only has to work once! The human body usually takes 4-6 weeks to adapt so be considerate of this window, monitor changes, and make adjustments if necessary.

N.B: If waking up at 2am and doing 100 star jumps makes you stronger then do it!

If you haven’t got the point yet let me reiterate:
Take Action
Take Action
Take Action

Good Luck,
Coach Luke.