Luke Fiso

Duke Filo

Luke Fiso

Head Coach/Owner

After playing sports throughout high school and right on to his early 20's Luke found CrossFit after a string of rugby injuries when watching some of the top athletes in the country at the Wellington Cup back in late 2013. Luke started Instinct Fitness as outdoor bootcamps around Wellington and shortly after being introduced to CrossFit he starting applying the training principles and eventually opened Instinct Fitness Willis St where he now coaches full-time.

Luke's Coaching Experience

Luke has worked in the fitness industry since the age of 16, first as a group fitness instructor then a personal trainer and then moving into small group training and sports coaching. He draws on his experiences from rugby and athletics as well as 10+ years of gym training. His philosophy around training comes from the teachings of Bruce Lee - strip away what is unnecessary and keep what works. It is something that also shows up in CrossFit with most movements being functional and having real life application. 

"CrossFit and fitness training in general has given me so much confidence and has opened so many doors for me. It's because of this that I'm so passionate about it and why I encourage others to get involved in any way possible."

Luke's Goals

Since then he started training for CrossFit, fanatically, and has never looked back. The first goal was to qualify top 30 in the region and make it to the Pacific Regionals in 2015. He now has goals of making it to the CrossFit Games in Carson, California.

Athletic Achievements:

  • Wellington Premier Rugby 2009-2013 (Northern United and Old Boy's University)
  • Wellington Sevens Squad 2012
  • CrossFit Pacific Regionals 2015
  • Industrial Athletic Invitational 2015, 3rd Place
  • Wellington Cup 2015, 1st Place
  • Battle of the Fittest 2015, 1st Place