CrossFit uses elements of Olympic weightlifting, power-lifting, gymnastics, and traditional cardio.

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the fundamental truth about crossFit is: It works!

Building Strength

Using compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, and pressing to naturally spike testosterone and build strength in the muscle.

Develop Real Power

Dynamic movements such as olympic lifts, skipping, jumping, and throwing will help develop quick, powerful movement.

Unbreakable Mindset

Each workout could be described as "controlled chaos". Conquer the workout and everything else in your day becomes easier.

Improve Lung Capacity

Running, rowing, and whole body movements will get your lungs blowing and improve function.

Awesome workouts

Every workout is different and challenge you in different ways every day. Whether you like long grinds or short sprints it's all here.

Healthy Heart

Regular exercise at different intensity is important for protecting from heart disease and maintaining a healthy heart.

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Never Done CrossFit before? All new members get 3 one hour sessions with one of coaches to set their goals, learn the fundamentals, and develop some basic skills to be better prepared for regular classes. If you’ve done CrossFit before you can jump straight into classes.

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3 sessions per week
$ 45
per week
  • 3 classes/wk
  • Wodify Workout Tracker
  • No joining fee


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$ 52
per week
  • Unlimited classes
  • Open Gym sessions
  • Wodify Workout Tracker
  • No Joining Fee


For the CrossFit Obsessed
$ 62
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  • Unlimited classes
  • Advanced Workout Tracking software
  • Speciality Competitor Programming

Word on the Street...

Don’t take our word for it, see what our members have to say…

I am fitter and stronger in the legs. Lost weight along the way in preparation to my first iron maori event.


I have never been stronger and looked better naked than I do now... Everyone is so supportive and positive which really helps when you're struggling through a tough work out


Be trained by a BEAST to become like one. This guy is knows his stuff and he sure will give you the challenge you asked for. Highly recommended


6 months after joining I got a lot fitter and stronger. It helped me with basketball because after 8 seasons of wearing an ankle brace or a knee brace I no longer required it.



is everyone super fit and good looking ?

Although we like to think so, we are not. We are all human and are just trying to better ourselves each day. Everyone is at a different in their journey and some may be further along than you but it shouldn’t stop you from starting.

do i need to be fit before i start ?

No way! That’s the whole point of what we do. Just make sure to scale to your ability and over time you can push harder in workouts.

i've an old injury and can't do something, can i still do classes ?

Hell yeah! Our coaches can help you find substitutes for movements and ensure you still get a good workout.

Can i bring a mate ?

The more the merrier, we are all about suffering together. Bring a friend along and sign up together and you both get 5% discount.

Why The Eff Am I Still Sore Two Days After My Workout ?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is normal and usually peaks at 72hrs. This does improve over time but you can help reduce the effects by getting regular blood flow to the muscles and stretching after exercise.

im going away for a few weeks, can i put my membership on hold ?

Of course, just let us know 2 weeks in advance and we can place your membership on hold while your away.

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