You Are Somebody’s Role Model

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You wake up every morning at 5am before the rest of the world and sleepily shuffle your way out of bed and into your gym gear. The air outside is cold and your breath is visible as you start the car and make your way to the gym.

When you arrive you’re barely awake and as you read the workout of the day your brain doesn’t fully register what you are getting yourself into. Warm up first. Wake up second. Barbells, wall balls, ab mats, ready, 3,2,1,GO! The whole hour is a blur and you finish in a sweaty heaving pile on the gym’s rubber mats, exhausted. The sun is only just starting to rise up over the horizon but your day is well under way.

The one at family gatherings who actually eats the salad. The girl at the supermarket reading the food labels. The one at work who’s always checking the WOD. Or the guy who only has water when you go out to a party.

From the outside, it seems like an obsession. A strange and uncommon set of behaviours. No one really gets what you’re doing it for, after all – “You’re already in shape”. But it’s more than that to you. Every day you find out what you are capable of. You want to be pushed to your limits and every now and then you go beyond what you thought you were capable of. A Personal Best! And then you move the goal forward and continue to strive for more.

Some days are harder than others. Sometimes you want to give up. One time you almost did. But you’ve come too far to stop now. And honestly, you love every second of it.

You never really know how much you influence the people around you. Your friends, your family, your kids, and even strangers. You are that little reminder that they should really be taking better care of themselves or that anyone can give it a go. You are living proof that consistent hard work pays off. Or that it’s okay to want more from your life. And if you really dedicate yourself to what you do you inspire others to reach their goals as well.

It’s almost impossible to know what will come from the actions you take now but if you work hard and refuse to give up it will not only affect your life but the lives of everyone you come into contact with. You may want that to be a family member, a close friend, or your kids but you just don’t know. Especially now with social media you may post something that inspires someone who you’ll never meet. Remember that next time you feel like giving up.

You Are Somebody’s Role Model.

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