What are you doing all this for?

This is the most important question, your “why”. Whatever it is that wakes you up in the morning, gets you to the gym after a long day of work, makes you push yourself in every workout, and change so many other facets of your lifestyle; eating, sleep, social behaviours, and so on.

But have you ever stopped to think about why you do this thing called CrossFit?


When so many people around the world look at what we do as being crazy, unsafe, or just too hard, you must have some deep down burning desire that made you stand out from the crowd and be a little different. From the outside it seems like madness but once your in you wonder why you didn’t start earlier.¬†Not only did you start, you didn’t stop. You kept going and now this is the only way you would ever workout.

In 2013 I started to take notice of CrossFit. I thought it was a cult. I treaded very carefully when I first started and I refused to join a “box” and do “WODs”. 3 years later I own a box and do a couple of WODs a day, and I plan on doing this for then next 40 years or more!

I am an extremely competitive person and CrossFit has always been about competing and pushing my limit. The moment I went and watched a CrossFit competition I saw an outlet for that and made a decision to go ‘all in’.

But for many people that is not the case, for you it could mean something totally different. It might be to improve your appearance or build confidence. Get Stronger. Learn new skills. Meet new people. Or just belong to something.

The best thing is that it can be any one of those things to you and that’s what it is.¬†Figure out why you doing this, and I mean why you’re really do it. Not just because its fun. Think harder! When you’re in the middle of a 60min AMRAP or on the last mile run of “Murph” what spurs you on to actually finish?

Train hard!


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